Rockyou at Flamingo Gardens

March 30, 2007

[rockyou id=62147674&w=426&h=320]

Tried the new slideshow feature at Rockyou through WordPress, but could get it to upload only 2 photos.  Getting to this place was easy but after then, the upload appeared to keep freezing up. I am sure I must be making some newbie mistake like my photo files are to big (did resize and optimize) or something else minor.

Anyway, soon after the first of this year, our dear friends took us to a lovely botanical garden outside of Ft. Lauderdale called Flamingo Gardens.  Was the most restful yet amazing day.

The flamingos were bright pink (would really like to show you but in photos that would not upload!) and would eat from your hand (allowed).  The birds were amazing as were the tall palms and the musical bamboo groves.

Will keep working on slideshow… open to technical suggestions.  Warm wishes.