sunflowers, iphones and rehabbing

July 23, 2007

Here is a wrap up of my non-blogging past week or so. We can call them “Anita’s Top 10 Excuses for Being Bloggless in Bristol”. Here we go:

1. TOYS! I was playing with (being amazed by) Diane’s new iphone. I am usually the thoughtful consumer who is not too quick to own the newest technology. This is basically because I am usually playing catch up with the last bit of technology to come my way. Also, I always think…”let ’em get the bugs out first… the price will come down if I wait…” etc.

But this little cutie, the i-phone that is, is so amazing and user friendly that I am afraid I may have to have one sooner rather than later. My budget thanks you Diane! hehe.

The iphone, or is it i-phone, or is it I-phone? Anyway, it allows one to take a photo, e-mail it to your sweetie, all from wireless signal amazingly available in most areas of our small town. Get a call, text a message, check e-mail and never get lost with the onboard GPS! Well, I’m sure Apple doesn’t need little ole me to know they have a great product.

2. FAMILY. My Liza’s eldest brother came to town for a friendly 3 day visit to wrap up family matters relating to their mother’s passing. Jerry hosted a lovely evening at the lake. Below is the nice lake shot Liza snapped as our proof!

3. FRIEND. Dear Friend of 30+ years came to visit and was endless source of fun and encouragement. I think she appreciated the cool mountain air, a change of space, and the relaxed yet interesting mix of people and things to do and see.

So much catching up, old photo reviewing to do. So many new ideas and dreams to share, so little time!

4. MORE FRIENDS. In addition to eldest brother and Dear Friend, we also enjoyed a 2 day visit from C & C, good old friends from Key West, as they made their way back down south from their summer northern retreat. SO NICE to see them! Took them for a long drive around (lake, dam, speedway, mountains, childhood spots, new library, city parks, historic propperties, etc.) while Dear Friend entertained herself with walks and naps.

5. BUYING FLOWERS. Took the whole crowd to the bi-weekly Farmer’s Market in our town and scored a whole bag of home grown delights for just a few dollars! I bought small cucumbers and home-made oatmeal and coconut cookies. I also found a huge bunch of sunflowers (two dollars!), one of which was captured by Liza’s Cannon (shown above). and 10. REHABBING! We closed on a house that will become our next rehabbing project! Our friends helped us initiate the new house with laughter and an afternoon of gardening as they expressed their hopes for our success in bringing this hip mid-century charmer back to a useful and modern life.

More about this project to come. Probably too much more… as rehabbing projects can become all consuming! But we are excited to begin again. Starting Over once more… this time with a project of our own choosing. So stay tuned for progress reports on the project that Dear Friend has named “Fairfield Manor”.

Those are my current excuses… and good ones they are!!! Warm wishes to all.

Ft. Lauderdale Sunset

July 1, 2007

This late twilight time on Ft. Lauderdale Beach was magical. Liza’s image was one of few that we got during our recent time there. Gardening and small projects around the cottage kept us distracted and happy.

Twi-light, or dusk, is my favorite time of day. The light is soft and shadows become lush. Twilight is the “starting over” of each evening and the natural passing of each day. Lasting for only a few brief minutes and changing with every second, this special time of day is precious and, individually, can never be replaced.

It is a space in our day to de-compress… to review the blessings of the day and reflect on hopeful prospects for the evening.

around the bend

June 20, 2007


Starting Over without my father began a year ago yesterday. Liza’s Starting Over without her mom will be two months tomorrow. Just before we left Tennessee, Liza captured this image. It is impossible to know what is just around the bend.

There were times during my grief that I no longer cared what was around the bend for me. In fact, it frightened me because I knew it could be more loss and pain.

As I try now with some perspective to make some sense of it all, I have begun to understand that it is only the fearless moving ahead, the bold task of acceptance that will heal us.

People say, “Time heals”. It is true. Not because you forget the person, learn to do without them, or will ever forget the gut wrenching pain of their leaving. It is because, with time, I have accepted the fact they are gone. And there is nothing to be done about it. Nothing I can do.

So I put one foot in front of the other, understanding that only the Universe can control what is just around the bend. I can only decide to expect happiness again, to prepare for joy instead of fearing the out-of-my-control.

So today I will prepare for joy. And soon, with a passion for living and with childlike anticipation, I will again be able to embrace whatever is meant for me just around the bend.

10 Things To Do Without Technology

May 9, 2007

Know anyone that still uses one of these?

My Liza came home with this shot in her camera and we both giggled at this old technology.  What did we ever do before cell phones, ipods, computers, video games, and the like?  Here is a list of 10 things we could still do without any of our modern technological advances:

1. Visit a library for the aroma of knowledge and read a book.

2. Stroll through a park or garden. Or plant your own garden.

3. Take a bubble bath, complete with candles and music. (Transitor radio)

4. Visit that friend you know needs you. Just listen.

5. Study the stars on a cloudless night.

6. Kiss someone. Pass out hugs.

7. Play with your pet. Or your guitar. OK just sing!

8. Be still. Meditate. Nap.

9. Write a letter. (Remember, with pen and paper?)

10. Count your blessings.

Just a little reminder of simpler times. What else would you add to my list of technology exempt activities?

Warm wishes.


April 2, 2007



Our small town is enjoying a rebirth, having “bottomed out” as have so many downtowns across our nation. It is starting a new life with the renovations of historically significant buildings, new shops and loft conversions.

We wanted to be a part of this restoration so we purchased a two story brick building on a side street only a few storefronts from the main street of town. Two storefronts downstairs and a roomy upstairs city home made for the perfect arrangement for us. For now.

Last night Liza was prawling around the neighborhood when she noticed this urban moon peaking between two city buildings. Oh Liza!

Tennessee moonshine!!!