With a Little Help from my Friends

March 18, 2007

Thanks to Jessica and Surface Earth for the referral to Etsy as a gallery space to host my artwork.

My new online gallery is still very much in the construction phase. Working on photos of my self portrait to use as header and on new paintings to list.

Answering a long denied artistic calling is supposed to be enough. But it is my nature, after 30 years in the biz world, to turn any past-time into an entrepreneurial experience.  I know that the first few paintings I sold (from my first showing) gave me such a rush… that I could have actually created something of beauty that someone else was willing to pay money to own.  To be paid for an activity that so throughly filled me with a child-at-play kind of joy was very rewarding.  The opportunity to share my work with other artists on Etsy and around the world is quite a bonus. Stop by and check it out. Would value your comments.


Need Savvy Blogging Help

March 12, 2007

This blog is to ask the advice of my bloghood here at wordpress. After three successful careers (yes I am grateful to the Universe), I am re-inventing myself once again as an artist and writer.  (My writing has been published in regional newspapers and magazines, and at my first art show, I sold 5 of 17 of my oil paintings which I am told is not bad.) This time I am on the clear path of intention. 

What I don’t know… which place would be better for me to post my art and writing.  What about Yessy?  I want to be in a space that is an artist community where I can feel the support but also have a marketplace to sell my creative efforts.  Is a website of my own design enough? I would like to have a lot of control (website design templates that are attractive and customizable because I am lame with code) and be able to reach interested buyers. Doubt it since marketing is so important.  Is what I am doing here on wordpress enough with the right web-working… links elsewhere?  Help blog family!

String Band

March 8, 2007

I have been around musicians and music stores all my life. My father was a musician (future blog) and my brother now heads up the family’s music equipment biz (future blog) that Dad started 46 years ago, when I was 5. 

My sweetheart (for 23 years) and I owned a guitar shop for 17 years on a sunny tropical island where music was carribean flavored and sultry. Mui caliente!  (future blog).

 We now live in the mountains were the music is a tradition as old as the blue hills and valleys of my birth.  The country and bluegrass music here is soulful and unique to this region (future blog). When I hear it I feel connected to something that stitches through me and backwards through many generations to the very ships that brought us from Europe. A sweet country ballad covers me with warmth, the same as my mother’s handmade quilts. (another blog)

This oil painting is 18″x24″, on canvas, framed and available from anitamorrell at aol dot com. For now I better get busy. Apparently I have many future blogs in me that need to pop out soon.  See my art blog at dailyart.wordpress.com   Warm wishes til next time.  

Having a Tantrum

March 7, 2007


At our place in South Florida we have Lantanas that have grown into a HUGE bush. One sunny day I picked a few blooms and plopped them in a vase. The resulting oil painting is one of my favorites. On canvas, 18″x24″, framed. Available for sale. Contact anitamorrell@aol for details. If it is true that each of us have within us an artist child, then today my normally small quiet child is screaming and having a tantrum! Better get to creating! Warm wishes.

Teleidoscopic Photography

March 6, 2007

Take one creative soul, give him a camera and a computer with some editing software and step back!  Teleidoscopic photography is born!  See Dan’s amazing work at tropicalwave.com  In his work you will see hints of the island he calls home.  But you will also see industrial elements and an amazing sense of color and rhythm. Did I say rhythm? That would be logical since Dan is also a bass guitar player and sound engineer with a recording studio called “Private Ear”.  A highly skilled, creative soul that dances to beats of his own vision.

Warm wishes to all.

Penelope from Palm Beach

March 5, 2007

See my new art blog at http://www.dailyart.wordpress.com/   From a series of paintings I call “City Girls”, there is “Penelope from Palm Beach”.  She is an original oil painting on canvas, framed, 18″ x 24″.  Last year (B.D.D.), Penelope and her “sisters” were born during a happy, south Florida time where I painted daily in front of a great window looking out over the lantanas and bougainvillea. 

Let’s see, besides “Penelope from Palm Beach” there is also “Becca from Boca”,  “Gail from Ft. Lauderdale” (already purchased), and “Holly from Homestead”…    They are all spunky with lots of attitude.  A little edgy but uplifting, these gals sprang from my canvases as if their lives depended on it.

Am getting back into my painting now and will have new pieces finished often (if you believe my new blog: dailyart).  Warm wishes until then.<a href=”http://technorati.com/faves?sub=addfavbtn&amp;add=http://dailyart.wordpress.com”><img src=”http://static.technorati.com/pix/fave/tech-fav-1.png” alt=”Add to Technorati Favorites” /></a>