dark kitchen

Our “before” kitchen was quite the 60’s/70’s charmer. The avocado green built in can opener was our favorite feature!

Seriously, the room is a good size and the basic layout of the appliances is the perfect triangle. But the room still seems dark since the only natural light source is through a cut-out over the sink adjacent to den’s glass doors.

The first day I stood in this room I could see the difference opening up this room would make.  I envisioned the cut-out expanded and the entire left wall above the bottom cabinetry removed. I could imagine slicing cucmbers at my sunny kitchen counter while bird watching through to the lush, rear courtyard.

Within the first few days of ownership we knew we would be spending half of our renovation budget on the 600 sf. kitchen and den areas. It is the heart of the home and the area in most need of updating.

Here’s what needs to be done in these rooms:

1. Demolition of kitchen cabinets, old flooring, paneled walls.  This involves calling the plumber and electrician to disconnect what ever we can not unhook!

2. Build new staircase to lower level and remove impractical and unnecessary spiral.

3. Prepare floors to receive 3/4″ hardwood flooring.

4. Install support header beams where needed.

5. Have plumber Chris and electrician Jamie come back in to update, reconnect, run new lines, etc.

6. Sheetrock on walls and over popcorn ceilings. Sand and paint.

7.  Order and install cabinetry from Kitchen Floyd.

8.  New appliances, countertop, backslash, and fixtures.

9.  Hardwood flooring.

Not particularly in that order… but you get the idea. Total overhaul. It’s OK. I can see the results, smell the food cooking, feel the revived energy of the home’s spirit.

Our project kitchen will be “starting over” too.

4 Responses to dark kitchen

  1. garden girl says:

    Wowowowowowowowowow!! Way cool! I can’t wait to come back up! Spend a lot of time looking at new homes book from your neck of the woods. Miss you, love you! Let’s be neighbors x 2! Tell Flowerland to SELL! I must have it! Do you have a number for them?

  2. beatlelover says:

    I can’t wait to visit you again in your new home! How do you both work
    on such large projects without making each other crazy (haha)…
    Biff just painted our downstairs bath room and I stayed away… that was just
    painting.. I could never tearing down, and rebuild – I don’t think I have the patience or
    the vision. You two are amazing!

  3. QuoinMonkey says:

    I really admire that you can do this kind of work. I’m not gifted in that area at all and can not imagine spatial adaptations in my mind. I just don’t think that way! Hope you post a few more photos along the way as you work.

  4. anitamorrell says:

    Thanks. And yes Liza is clicking away and we hope to have more photos soon. Appreciate the encouragement. A.

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