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QuionMonkey and Ybonesy are writing/blogger pals over at Redravine. As I understand it, I am supposed to write a blog about eight random items of interest about myself. In that blog, I am also to tag eight other bloggers to do the same in a blog about themselves and include these rules of the tag. I then leave each of them notes to let them know they have been tagged. 

Ybonesy explained the tagging process this way: “to share eight random things about ourselves. “Tagging” (aka a meme) is kind of like those chain letters you get via email — send this note to a dozen other people and you will get showered with joy — except without the prognostications of happiness, good fortune, or money if you follow through.” Does seem like an interesting way to get to know others and just have a fun writing challenge! So here we go…

My Eight:
1. I am not very random. I try to be. And I very much enjoy others who are random and spontaneous. I tend to plan and anticipate and organize and plan some more.

2. My right and left brains constantly battle. I am seriously tortured by the feuding between my business and artistic selves.

3. Liza and I have been enjoying life’s adventures together since 1984. Time with her, and the rest of our families, is my greatest joy.

4. I like making old things new or usable again. Consequently, I love rehabbing, yard sales, vintage stores, 50’s modern, old cars, historic architecture.

5. I try to look for the good in all things, but there are a few things I hate: cooked cabbage, lima beans, intolerance, being late and/or unprepared.

6. I lived in Key West, FL for 17 happy years.

7. I changed my college major 5 times. (art, education, journalism, business and merchandising… I just loved learning and I still do.)

8. I love things that sparkle. Yes the obvious like diamonds, crystals and jewels. But also, sparkling conversation, downtown raindrops in the evening lamplight, giggles, sunset reflections on ocean waves, snow and ice covered woods on a sunny midday, the eyes of healthy babies, coins, candlelight, fireworks, and enthusiasm.

There. Now here is who I am tagging:







Happy blogging!

8 Responses to Tagged: 8 Random Things

  1. QuoinMonkey says:

    Great list, anita. Good to learn more about you. And 23 years is a long time! I also enjoyed checking out the blogs you linked to. Sparkle on.

  2. ybonesy says:

    I can relate to #2. I sometimes feel like two people.

    Which side is stronger these days, and has it changed over the years? And is there a thing as balancing the two (artistic and creative)?

  3. anitamorrell says:

    QM, thanks.
    YB, It is that balancing act that constantly eludes me. All I know is that when I spend too much time in one area, I start to long for the other. Our proposed art gallery is one attempt I am making to unify these two squabbling forces. As is rehabbing an attempt to satisfy artistic and business interests. Anyway, thank you both for your interest.

  4. Gardengirl says:

    I’ll play!
    8 random facts about the beautiful, the lovely, the fabulous Garden Girl. Drum roll please
    1. I consider myself stupid, have a bad memory and have messed up so many thngs in my life, sometimes I’m afraid to even try anymore.
    2. I consider myself smart just from knowing that I’m not supposed to be like anyone else now or ever and that frees me to be OK with not being a rocket scientist, rockstar millionaire.
    3. I consider myself lucky. I am loving and appreciating life now more than ever and have spent 49 years joyfully playing in great health with a fantastic family and some really really great friends. I am especially lucky in love and always have been.
    4. When I look at my hands I see my grandmother, my face and hips, my mother. When I talk I sometimes hear my father which really freaks me out.( “every light in the house is on! “close the door, I’m not paying to cool the world!”)
    5.My gums are bad and will cost a fortune (which I don’t have) to fix.
    6. I’d love to plant a HUGE herb garden, not just one or 2 basil and tomato plants.
    7. I used to love to coooooook up a storm, dinner parties for days. now I’d rather starve than heat a bowl of soup.
    8. I love my dogs sooo much it hurts. When I look at them I can’t help but smile. They are so sweet and loyal and kind hearted. True role models.

  5. anitamorrell says:

    GG. Think I am the lucky one to know you! Thanks for playing with us!

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