Ft. Lauderdale Sunset

This late twilight time on Ft. Lauderdale Beach was magical. Liza’s image was one of few that we got during our recent time there. Gardening and small projects around the cottage kept us distracted and happy.

Twi-light, or dusk, is my favorite time of day. The light is soft and shadows become lush. Twilight is the “starting over” of each evening and the natural passing of each day. Lasting for only a few brief minutes and changing with every second, this special time of day is precious and, individually, can never be replaced.

It is a space in our day to de-compress… to review the blessings of the day and reflect on hopeful prospects for the evening.

5 Responses to Ft. Lauderdale Sunset

  1. ybonesy says:

    Hey, Anita, not that this has anything to do with sunsets (gorgeous photo!!), but you’ve been tagged:


  2. QuoinMonkey says:

    anita, twilight is my favorite time of day, too. The light in-between. It’s a magical time. Thanks for reminding me to stop and enjoy it. I’ve been meaning to ask, are you working on any new paintings? Seems like an inspiring place.

  3. Gardengirl says:


  4. anitamorrell says:

    QM, I have done some family portraits in oil… can’t share those without compromising their privacy. Do have a few others near completion. Got to get Liza to take some photos of them. But thanks so much for asking. Painter Chick inside of me has been grumbling about being neglected lately. hehe.

  5. QuoinMonkey says:

    ah, good. can’t wait.

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