Commenting on Comments

At the request of my non-commenting public (you know who you are), and at the risk of being a blogger blogging about my blog, I am going to break it down!

1. Where:

At the end of this little article (called a post) you will see “no comments”.  Click on “no comments” and you can be the first to comment on this post. And you say you have never been first at anything!

2.  How:

If you see “1 comment” or “2 comments”, or “347,521 comments” at the end of the post, you may click there to see all the comments already made about that particular post plus a space for you to add your comment, which will be number 2, 3, or 347,522 (Rarely get this many… hehe).

3.  Why:

Because my fellow bloggers and I want to know what you think… just that you are there, sharing the blogoshere with us. You can further our discussion, add your own wisdom, correct us when we are wrong, praise us when we are insightful or entertaining. Besides, every comment puts a gem in my bloggger crown.

4.  When:

Everytime you visit if you wish. I have fixed it up with WordPress (they make this VERY easy) that you do not have to register with wordpress in order to leave a comment. So GET BUSY!

5. Who:

YOU! And don’t worry about spam from WordPress. They hate the junk and go out of their way to eliminate it.  I have been working with them for 5 months now and I have suffer no ills (Bugs, viruses, bad manners, etc.).

Oh and one more thing, if your comments are naughty I can quietly eliminate them from public view on my site. Just another thoughtful feature on wordpress. So leave me a comment, but play nice!

Warm wishes until next time.

5 Responses to Commenting on Comments

  1. ybonesy says:

    Hi there. I’ve commented before, but in the spirit of role modeling, here I am again. I love it when we get comments on our blog. You’re right; it let’s bloggers know that someone out there is reading. More than that, the conversation is fun, inspiring at times, and a way to connect with like minds. Or unlike minds.

    I do get people asking how to comment. One thing I noticed that you didn’t mention but that I often do to people to encourage to comment is this: you can comment under a pseudonym. Your email will not be shared. If you don’t a website, leave that field blank.

  2. anitamorrell says:

    Good point about the pseudonym. Thanks. And thanks for showing the “non-commenting ones” how it is done! Loved the last post on Redravine… Beth with sons in the military. No wonder, she is getting so many comments. Very touching and well written. Anita

  3. malicenwonderland says:

    when i saw I wasn’t first I almost left. Then I decided at least I beat the other 230 some thousand so what the hey.

    thanks for stopping by….keep writing…

  4. Rob says:

    I couldn’t read that and not leave a comment.

    I need creativity like that when I have nothing to write. My thoughts come in small fragments–rarely elaborated on. 😦

  5. Gardengirl says:

    Good morning. OK, what about that show in Denmark! Talk about starting over! What if one day you found out you needed a kidney to live? How many of you out there are donors? I was for years but stopped after hearing some gory story that I’m sure wasn’t true but it gave me the willy’s and grossed me out and I quit. Now with what’s in the news, I’m changing my donor card TODAY!

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