10 Things To Do Without Technology

Know anyone that still uses one of these?

My Liza came home with this shot in her camera and we both giggled at this old technology.  What did we ever do before cell phones, ipods, computers, video games, and the like?  Here is a list of 10 things we could still do without any of our modern technological advances:

1. Visit a library for the aroma of knowledge and read a book.

2. Stroll through a park or garden. Or plant your own garden.

3. Take a bubble bath, complete with candles and music. (Transitor radio)

4. Visit that friend you know needs you. Just listen.

5. Study the stars on a cloudless night.

6. Kiss someone. Pass out hugs.

7. Play with your pet. Or your guitar. OK just sing!

8. Be still. Meditate. Nap.

9. Write a letter. (Remember, with pen and paper?)

10. Count your blessings.

Just a little reminder of simpler times. What else would you add to my list of technology exempt activities?

Warm wishes. anitamorrell.wordpress.com


8 Responses to 10 Things To Do Without Technology

  1. kenzielee says:

    I love your list! And number 10, I mean– one really could go on and on. I sat down once and started to count my blessings, and once you start and really think about things, it just piles up, and then you get the warm fuzzies. Fabulous!

  2. shatteredglass says:

    Fantastic post! I love it. I would like to add exorcise to the list. Doesn’t have to be something major; play some tennis, learn to roller skate, ride a bike, heck just take a walk.

    On a different note, can you imagine what the world would be like without technology. I doubt there are many people out there that know how to survive with out it.

  3. anitamorrell says:

    Kenzielee, Thanks and so agree with the warm fuzzies!

    Shatteredglass, Exercise… absolutely.

    Without technology? I know. What would I do without my cell when lost in Target and needing to find my ride. Or what would I do without blogging as a way of giving and receiving info… watch TV for “fair and balanced” reporting? YIKES! Or what would I do without our digital camera and it’s low cost click-til-you-drop capabilities? So true! Just trying to stay in balance. hehe. Thanks for visiting. anitamorrell.wordpress.com

  4. grardengirl says:

    Um, I still do all of those things.

  5. QuoinMonkey says:

    It’s a real battle to decide – when to use, when to let go of technology, isn’t it? I can think of so many things to do without it. Here are a few:

    1) pet Mr. Stripeypants, Kiev, and Chaco
    2) make love
    3) mow the grass (I actually like to do this!)
    4) garden
    5) ride the Rebel

    Ah, dreaming of being outside. Here we go!

  6. anitamorrell says:

    GG, I know. You really do!

    QM, Good additions to the list. How did I forget the making love one!!! And riding the Rebel reminds me of… take a bicycle ride, have a picnic lunch in the woods, pull out the old sketch pad, and lastly, daydream!

  7. titus2woman says:

    These are GREAT! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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