Blogging Acronyms

Since I am in the boomer barely begun blogging demographic, I have a good deal of catching up to do. So, this week I am reading Dispatches from Blogistan by Suzanne Stefanac.

My head is spinning while trying to understand tag clouds, SEO, newsfeeds, aggregators, the long tail, keywords, copyrights, RSS, podcasting, folksonomies, affiliate programs, links, time stamps, permalinks, never mind trackbacks and code!

As Suzanne’s wisdom sinks in, I will share some along the way. This one is for all of us who are just not up to speed on all the computer acronyms currently being used by all our computer savvy nieces, nephews, kids or grandkids. Here are a few from Suzanne’s list.  Do you know others?

AFAIK as far as I know

BMG be my guest

BRB be right back

BTW by the way    (BTW, I knew this one!)

FWIW for what it’s worth

F2F face to face

IMHO in my humble opinion

IOW in other words

JK just kidding

K okay

LOL laughing out loud (of course)

ROTFL rolling on the floor laughing

TIA thanks in advance

WTG way to go.

So,  I would like to TIA for reading my blog post today. And even though you may not be ROTFL, I know all will be K because IMHO manyof us fifty somethings are catching up together!  AFAIK there could be thousands of these devilish language abbreviators.  FWIW, do you have any to add to this list?

hehe and warm wishes.

4 Responses to Blogging Acronyms

  1. G2G = got to go

    IDK = i don’t know

    JSYK = just so you know

    bc or cuz = because

    FYI = for your information (you probably knew that, though!)

    L8R = later

    OMG = oh my God

    PLZ = please

    TTYL = talk to you later

    Those are the only ones I use on a regular basis…hope you learned something you didn’t know! Good luck with the blogging thing, I’m just starting myself.

  2. anitamorrell says:

    Thanks for the additions to the list! I am learning everyday but for now G2G. Anita

  3. ybonesy says:

    BBBB demographic…I love it. I’m a BBBB, too. Did you realize you’d made up a new acronym or was that one already around?

  4. anitamorrell says:

    I wondered if anyone would appreciate my alliteration. Maybe I need to start a blog just for us BBBBs. Thanks for your kind comments.

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