Aging Like a Rusty Tractor

Liza’s newest entry in her “Rusted Tractor” series is this thoughtful photo.  Nice contrast between old and new with the shiny red truck speeding by in the background.  

This particular rusty tractor rests in a commercial district of our town.  Doesn’t it appear that the farmer just walked away from his tractor one day… never to return.

Left abandoned and forgotten, the tractor has settled down into the earth while the world just keeps on modernizing and changing all around it. Resting on this little strip of grass, Mr. Tractor can no longer participate in the activities of his youth. Can’t work the fields and is no longer the pride of any farm owner.

Yet as it ages and rusts, trapped in this ever evolving world, Mr. Tractor has past the stage of “junk” and has transitioned to a place of historic honor. The colorful patina of age has transformed Mr. Tractor into art born of experience and time.

Thanks Liza for helping us celebrate Mr. Tractor for his tenaciousness and his seniorness.


4 Responses to Aging Like a Rusty Tractor

  1. quoinmonkey says:

    The photos on this website are incredible. I love them. I am drawn to old, vintage, raw, and rusty images, too. I also love the paintings. I checked out your art blog. Keep on with the painting and photos. Awesome job!


  2. anitamorrell says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. Your blog address?

  3. Drew says:

    Fantastic Pictures I love the colors and the detail. Thanks for the vote.

  4. quoinmonkey says:

    Ah, my blog address – I’m QuoinMonkey over at red Ravine. I think you visited us a week or so ago.



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