Opening my Eyes

Liza finds machinery interesting. Today she found this image at a local construction site.

A.D.D. (see First Exposure), Liza is helping me see again. Helping me to want to see again. She is helping me open my eyes once more to the striking beauty of the most mundane things.  She brings home the images and challenges me to find the art.  I love this little creative game we play.

3 Responses to Opening my Eyes

  1. grardengirl says:

    Cool. Is she a photographer? Must not be if she isn’t published.

    Now doesn’t THAT sound silly!? Of course she is just as you are a writer even if you’re not published. Write on.

  2. anitamorrell says:

    Now I see “the Lesson” oh wise grardengirl. A photographer is someone who takes photos. No qualification for being published is required. Likewise, even though I have already been published, it wouldn’t matter if I hadn’t… or when or if I do. The joy is in the creating. See, I am such a good student.

  3. This is another fabulous image by Liza. This image has it all – colors, textures and shapes. Thanks for sharing.

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