Our small town is enjoying a rebirth, having “bottomed out” as have so many downtowns across our nation. It is starting a new life with the renovations of historically significant buildings, new shops and loft conversions.

We wanted to be a part of this restoration so we purchased a two story brick building on a side street only a few storefronts from the main street of town. Two storefronts downstairs and a roomy upstairs city home made for the perfect arrangement for us. For now.

Last night Liza was prawling around the neighborhood when she noticed this urban moon peaking between two city buildings. Oh Liza!

Tennessee moonshine!!!


3 Responses to urbanmoon

  1. grardengirl says:

    LIZA! That is absolutely beautiful. You two are so talented.

  2. Thanks for sharing these. I love these images especially being from Tennessee myself.

  3. tfoz says:

    Hi 🙂
    Thanks for posting a comment to my blog, letting me know about some of the functions of the wordpress blog site. I did a little comparison of different sites before choosing this one, and really like the layout and other services offered.

    RE: your art, LOVE IT, love the photos, especially.

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