Tell Me Where to Go!

Only been to Paris in my dreams.

But have been to: NYC, Nashville, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Charleston, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Key West, Winslow, Denver, Las Vegas, San Fransisco, L. A., D.C., Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Cinncinati, Roanoke, Memphis, Oklahoma City, Manchester, Asheville, Dodge City, Key Largo, Albequerque, Anaheim, Gallup, Knoxville, Birmingham, Flagstaff, Orlando, and Amarillo.

Been to lots of smaller cities, towns that you may not know like: Bristol, Amherst, Marco Island, Marathon, Johnson City, Greely, Elizabethton, Jonesboro, Etsel, Bluff City,  and Goose Pimple Junction!  Sometimes traveling to a place is even better than you had imagined… sometimes worse. 

And even though I dream of the museums and wines of France, my roots in Scotland or Ireland or Germany or England, the food of Italy or the politics of the Amsterdam, I am partial to travel in the good ole USA… We like to drive and summer is coming so where should we visit next?

Any ideas and why? Thinking about north west… maybe Seattle to visit our friend Mandy or maybe up to Canada. But totally open to suggestions.

3 Responses to Tell Me Where to Go!

  1. You might check out Vancouver, BC. Great restaurants. A really wonderful anthropological museum. And a terrific B&B with the best breakfasts ever (Treetop B&B …

  2. grardengirl says:

    We’ve been given 2 airline tickets to anywhere in the US of A and a rental car for a week. We have 2 whole weeks to go with no where to be. There’s just one “problem.” Go WHERE? We could go to NC and saty in a condo for FREE but….yuck, I just watched a movie about a bunch of red necks and their sad drunken lives so thank you very much but feeling a little turned off to the whole “deliverance” thing. We could go stay w my sista in CA in her gazillion $ house but that sounds expensive ($400 snacks and valet parking.) I want adventure, my other half wants peace and quiet.
    We live on the beach, so been there, done that and grew up in the country so that’s nothing new. Ny is always fun but again, expensive. The thought of being on a cruise ship freaks me out. Think Titanic and/or just watch the news! I can hear it now “girl overboard…..again!!
    Ho hum… such problems. So yeah, I’m looking for suggetions too.
    Am I so spoiled that everything yawn seems boring? Not one single thing seems exciting anymore. Maybe I just need some execise to wake me up and excite my soul. Maybe fat (head) camp is the answer.

  3. anitamorrell says:

    David, Thanks for the suggestion of Vancouver. Inviting B&B. Do you have to have a passport for BC?

    And garden girl, pretty sure all of NC is not filled with rednecks. But I do know what you mean about cruises. Maybe you guys need a wilderness adventure with a spa at the end! Or a trip with purpose like research for photo essay. Have you tried the darts, with the USA as dartboard, and let the Universe be your tour guide? hehe

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