Well Bless your Heart!

My girlfriend, Diane, and I were discussing the Southern expression so often used in our families and by us… “bless your heart”.  You know, your dog dies… “well, bless your heart”.  Or you found out you have a brain tumor, a lost love, a late bill… it is always the same…”Bless your heart!”. 

We have also discussed, many times, how hard it is to go to Target without spending considerable more that we intended. In her last e-mail she included this “southern prayer” before her impending trip to Target: 

“I too must venture to Target with the hopes of geting out with only what I went in for.
Let us pray together.
Please lord, grant me the power to resist the cute rugs and coffeee pots, the
curtains and the econo size shampoo, the uneccessary power tools and garden
plants. We ask thee for the strength to resist tee shirts on sale, jeans made
for teens, anything sleeveless and the trendy tops that we’ll hate next week and
can’t squeeze into our already crowded, tiny little closets. And dear lord, let
us get what we came for and be in and out within minutes, not hours or days. We
thank you lord for your protection from the evils of vulgar and vile consumerism
as we say together “Amen.”

All I can say to Diane regarding her Target adventure will be “bless your heart”!

3 Responses to Well Bless your Heart!

  1. scuuster says:

    Anita, this is hilarious. Thanks for the post on my blog – I just sent my contract off today and I think everything is settled. What a headache! I guess that’s what I get when I try to do it without a realtor. 🙂

    At any rate, I LOVE this Target prayer and reposted it on my site – hope you don’t mind. I made sure to give you the credit – go check it out!


  2. Ms Cin says:

    I laughed out loud at this – no small feat! Thank you for sharing this.

    As charming as it is, this phrase simply doesn’t get used here in Vancouver. We don’t have enough transplanted southerners!

  3. anitamorrell says:

    Thanks for your note. Checked out your blog. Amazed at your consistency and longevity! Thanks again for the visit. And BTW, Bless your heart! Anita

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