Need Savvy Blogging Help

This blog is to ask the advice of my bloghood here at wordpress. After three successful careers (yes I am grateful to the Universe), I am re-inventing myself once again as an artist and writer.  (My writing has been published in regional newspapers and magazines, and at my first art show, I sold 5 of 17 of my oil paintings which I am told is not bad.) This time I am on the clear path of intention. 

What I don’t know… which place would be better for me to post my art and writing.  What about Yessy?  I want to be in a space that is an artist community where I can feel the support but also have a marketplace to sell my creative efforts.  Is a website of my own design enough? I would like to have a lot of control (website design templates that are attractive and customizable because I am lame with code) and be able to reach interested buyers. Doubt it since marketing is so important.  Is what I am doing here on wordpress enough with the right web-working… links elsewhere?  Help blog family!


5 Responses to Need Savvy Blogging Help

  1. SurfaceEarth says:

    take a look at Etsy. An artist we adore apparently uses that….check out her blog….

  2. anitamorrell says:

    Thanks Jessica. I think I meant Etsy… not Yessy. I have checked out that site and it seems good. Just wondered if it was my best choice. Love your work BTW.

  3. SurfaceEarth says:


    Actually! We as surface earth gave you Jessica’s link!

    Go check out her site – you can leave her a comment on that one or her lookseesaw blog.


  4. Jessica says:

    Hi there! Surface Earth gave me the link to your post and I have to say that Etsy has been great!!! It is the only site I sell my originals on, but I do have many other portfolio only sites. I would like to recommend, and – all are free (you can have additional features with a small member fee on Artwanted and absolute). I can’t speak personally, but I have heard some complaints about Yessy that have made me shy away from that site. You have beautiful work that will do great on Etsy!

  5. anitamorrell says:

    Thanks ALL! Look for me on Etsy soon. Til then most of my art is at

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