Having a Tantrum


At our place in South Florida we have Lantanas that have grown into a HUGE bush. One sunny day I picked a few blooms and plopped them in a vase. The resulting oil painting is one of my favorites. On canvas, 18″x24″, framed. Available for sale. Contact anitamorrell@aol for details. If it is true that each of us have within us an artist child, then today my normally small quiet child is screaming and having a tantrum! Better get to creating! Warm wishes.

3 Responses to Having a Tantrum

  1. Shawn Nacona says:

    Beautiful still life! Love the green and blue tones that you have brushed into the background, and the shades of green, red, and black that add shading and tone to the vase. This lighting effect is also on your walls with the left being lighter than the right, and the same on the table fading green into blue. Great job making all your colors complement each other. For me it is like all the colors in the painting work to make the flowers pop, and that is great! I would love to feature your work to share with everyone on my site “The Artists Studio” if you are every interested. Also, I run an art community called The Invocable Muse where you can register and post your own work, and it tags your work for search engines so that it will be seen over the web. It is something you may consider doing. Once again, great work, thank you for sharing!


    Shawn Nacona


  2. nacona77 says:


    Just wanted to let you know I sent you an aol e-mail, but I am not sure if you got it. I would like to feature this piece on my site if you are interested get back with me. My e-mail is Shawnandkevin01@aol.com, and I check it daily. Please send me an e-mail if you are still interested!


    Shawn Nacona

  3. Shawn,
    Thank you so much for your interest in my work. Would love for you to feature my work on your site. “Lantanas” is one of my favorite pieces. What else do you need from me? Thanks, Anita

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