To Justin and Allison

blog-pic.jpgMy only nephew, Justin, is a bright and likable 18 year old trying to decide on a college. I am excited for him and the excellent prospects he has for his future.

Maybe because I am operating A.D.D. (see my first blog entry), I feel compelled to leave my encouragements for Justin and my only neice, Allison, in case they are ever living A.A.A.D. (after Aunt Anita’s death). Don’t worry… should not be anytime soon!

Know I have lived a great life of adventure and love and rewarding challenge.  I wish the same for you.


1. Day dream often.  Find your own voice.

2. Make sure the achievement of your dreams is a goal worthy of your life’s work.

3. Remember, it is in the getting there as much as the arriving.

4. Take risks. Intelligent, researched, gutsy risks.

5. Have contengency plans.

6. Have balance.  (Yin and yang)

7. Give back.

8. Thank your Creator. Be a creator too.  Create something worthwhile and understand your value in the Universe.

9. Be thoughtful and kind.

10. Don’t judge.  But when you have to, be fair.

To Allison:

You are a spunky, think-for-yourself kind of girl that makes me so proud.

1. Be a participator, not just an observer, of life.  (Sorry, know you’ve heard this from me before.)

2. Grab life and make the most of it.

3. Find joy.  For yourself and others.  It is your right and your responsibility.

4.  Be still and listen to your heart.

5.  Give yourself options.  Understand completely your choices.

6. Be brave.  Fight for right. Fix, Allison, what we don’t have yet right.

7.  Make the world a better place. You know you can.

 Lastly I would want both of you to know how much I care about you and how my life is enhanced having the two of you in my world. 

Warm wishes to all. Anita


2 Responses to To Justin and Allison

  1. kveljones says:

    !!!!!!! What a gift you must be to your neices and nephews….it is my goal to be the same to mine…. it has taken me long, hard painful years to learn the lessons you so beautifully impart to Justin and Allison….thank you for your gorgeous words! I am so so pleased to have found your blog!

  2. anitamorrell says:

    Thanks for the ever needed encouragement.

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