Another Look

Time to take another look at a creative classic.  Whenever I need a creative kick in pants, I usually drag out Julia Cameron’s 1992 The Artist’s Way.  It is, for me, a kind of Creative Bible. See  (I really have to learn how to insert links)

This book will be old news for many of you advanced creatives but for me finding it was Divine.  It empowered me, helped me to understand that I not only have permission to be creative but in fact am expected to be by the very Creator in me.

Julia taught me about Morning Pages.  Even if I had no desire to write or paint, the journaling exercises she encourages I have returned to repeatedly for personal therapy.  Unloading onto a page frees my mind and allows me to hear my own voice and feel free enough to create something to express it.

Warm wishes until next time.

4 Responses to Another Look

  1. dailymuse says:

    This is a very important book for anyone on a creative path. I’ve been to one of her workshops as well. It was very fulfilling. I have a friend who did the Artist’s Way as if her life depending on it. She got her life out of it. Very important book. enjoy your new discoveries.

  2. gardengirl says:

    The Artist’s way is a great book for anyone that feels “stuck” in her creative expressions. Of course sometimes the very problem of being stuck/bored/insecure stems from the fact that you ARE creative. Creative in thought, therefofe making you a bit out of the norm from most of the people in your everyday life. Being/thinking differently can breed insecurity if you’re not enilghtened enough to know that nothing matters. Not the fact that you work at a carwash at 40. Not the fact that your hair is a different color or cut everyday (think Britney.) Not the fact that none of your photos include heads, only bodies not the fact… that ANYTHING matters. As creative people, we forget that nothing matters when comparing ourselves to “normal” people and so we constipate our thinking in the hopes of joining the masses one day with a car and a house and health benefits to prove that yes indeed, we are “normal.”

  3. anitamorrell says:

    Ms. Julia says, “As artists we are spiritual sharks. The ruthless truth is that if we don’t keep moving, we sink to the bottom and die. The choice is very simple: we can insist on resting on our laurels, or we can begin anew. The stringent requirement of a sustained creative life is the humility to start again, to begin anew.” So I will begin anew with out much concern for comparing myself to the “normal people”.

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