Changing Gears

February 13, 2007

Sunday was breakfast at Mom’s which is an event one does not want to miss.  This quintessential country breakfast includes huge hot flaky biscuits, Tennessee Pride mild country sausage gravy, bacon, ham, fried eggs and sliced garden red tomatos.

My mother is such a wise and talented woman.  She understands that this loved filled breakfast banquet is not just a tradition about once a month, but is one of the most cherished and grounding ceremonies of her family’s lives.  She knows that breakfast at “meema’s ” will represent a happy childhood memory for the grandchildren and an oasis of restful comfort for the busy adults.  An effort for her at 70, but one would never know it as the meal is presented with confidence and selfless love to her adoring, grateful and always hungry family.  Very high on the love per calorie scale.

Yesterday, Mom and I drove to a little town just north of Bristol called Abingdon.  She needed quilting supplies from Jeanie’s Fabric and I needed to hook up with some kind of art community.  In Abingdon, they have King Arts Center where, I have heard, one could get classes in painting and other fine arts endeavors.

Big sigh.  The arts center was closed.  I really wanted to see the twig furniture exhibit. [I just re-read this last sentence and think… I have given up my professional business life for twig furniture!  I willingly gave up hot careers that were lucrative and challenging. bummer.]

But before I could make it back to the car I was thinking… traded stressful long hours, right brain activities for a quiet day with my mom and the graceful curves of hand hewn wood lovingly constructed by historic craftsmen. Hmmm, happy again.  I’m just having a hard time changing gears.  

Warm wishes for all until next time.